Zap Skin Protector Review

I recently had to purchase another bottle of my favourite topcoat, Glisten & Glow – HK Girl Top Coat. As it is an indie brand, I always turn to Rainbow Connection here in the UK to purchase it.

Imagine my delight when I saw Zap Skin Protector on the site!! I have seen so many ladies using liquid latex based products to put an end to the dreaded clean up after gradients, water marbling and any other messy nail art technique. Unfortunately they have not been that easy to get hold of in the UK so Zap went straight into my basket and I eagerly awaited its arrival.

It is very simple to use as it has a brush applicator. You simply paint the product on the skin around the nails. Try not to go onto the nail plate itself as it will effect your design. Wait for it to dry then go ahead and get messy, when you are done simply peel off. I find it best to use tweezers to help with peeling the product off.

Zap does the job perfectly! It is very quick drying so you don’t have to wait ages before you can start your art. I found only two drawbacks, first it’s smell. When you open the bottle it is a little pungent but this does disappear after a few seconds and in no way affects the product performance. The second is very slight staining of the skin (see the final picture). I assume that the pink pigment is added so you can see where you are applying the product but it does leave behind a pink tinge to the skin once removed. It does wash off but obviously you can’t wash your hands straight away for fear of ruining your creation!

All in all this product is a godsend! The things I have mentioned are temporary but I didn’t want to not mention them and have those of you who may purchase on my recommendation come back and say but my fingers turned pink!! If you are tired of using lots of cotton buds, polish remover or tape to avoid or clean up mess this is the product for you.

Zap Skin Protector is available from Rainbow Connection and costs £6 for a 10ml bottle

* UPDATE * – Rainbow connection will be discontinuing the pink Zap Skin Protector due to the slight staining. The product will still be available in clear until a new pink pigment is found. 

image image image


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