Models Own #1234thumbwar Entry

Products Used:

  • Models Own – Purple Glare
  • Models Own – Beach Hut
  • Models Own – Malibu Pink
  • Models Own – Sarong Wrap
  • Models Own – Hedonist
  • Models Own – Flip Flop
  • Models Own – Turquoise Sea
  • Models Own – Beach Bag
  • Revlon – Stiletto
  • China Glaze – White on White
  • Serum No5 – Budding Lights
  • Glisten & Glow – HK Girl Top Coat

I know, that is quite a product list isn’t it!! This design is a little different from my normal style as it was completed without the use of acrylic paint.

My regular followers will know I am a fan of the brand Models Own. I think that they may have tipped the scales with Barry M to become the largest part of my extensive polish stash (I bought 5 new ones today lol). When they announced a new nail art challenge to win an amazing prize of Models Own goodies worth over £150 I had to enter.

The challenge is to create a design based on an inspiration image they shared (see the below pics for the image). The image is filled with so many colours, shapes and patterns it was a struggle to decide what to do. I knew straight away the lips had to be a focal point but what to do with the rest.

Once I had the picture in my mind I set about creating the design. I did not use any tools just the polishes and the applicator brush from their bottle. This method is how I first dipped my toe in the nail art pool as a teenager and I forgot how hard it is. Tools make life so much easier.

I hope you like it.  Why not check out the Models Own Instagram and challenge yourself too x






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