Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Autumn/Winter 2015 Additions

Earlier this week Barry M added 4 new autumn shades to their Speedy range. They are available in Superdrug only at the moment but will be available in Boots stores in the future. I don’t have a Superdrug in my little town so I ordered them online. It’s the first time I have ordered from Superdrug online and it was pretty quick 😀

On to the polish. The new shades are bang on trend as reds and purples are in this autumn/winter, also I love a good grey polish. All polishes went on well in 2 coats although I feel Dead Heat could benefit from a white base to avoid the smile line showing through.

Like all the other Speedy polishes they come with a wide applicator brush, this is handy when you need to work quickly with fast drying polish. I personally don’t like wide brushes, I find them difficult to work with but I can overlook this small detail as the polishes are lovely.

The do exactly what they say on the bottle and dry in next to no time. Perfect for those days when your nails need some colour in a hurry.

So let’s get on with the show…..


Dragster – This is a really classy dark grey polish, I get the feeling this will work brilliantly with a little sparkle.

Dead Heat – This is the real stand out number of the new shades. A classic bright red, the staple of any polish collection. As mentioned earlier this will work best with a white base.

Slip Stream – This is a really stunning dark yet light purple. Purple is my favourite colour so I can’t help but love it.

Sprint Finish – The description on the label describes this as pomegranate which sums it up beautifully. It’s such a rich, warm colour perfect for autumn. It is my personal favourite.



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