O.P.I Color Paints

O.P.I Color Paints have been around for a while now, I haven’t purchased them purely due to the fact I have such a long list of polishes I want that it’s hard to get around to buying them all on a budget.

So when buying some polishes recently from Nail Polish Direct, this mini sampler set just fell into my basket πŸ˜‰

The set includes 6 mini bottles, 5 Color paints and 1 silver base coat.

  • Silver Canvas Undercoat
  • Primarily Yellow
  • Chromatic Orange
  • Pen & Pink
  • Purple Perspective
  • Turquoise Aesthetic

The colour paints are a cross between sheer tints and regular polish. They have more pigment than a sheer tint but are a lot less opaque than regular polish. Due to their consistency and coverage when they overlap they create new colours. I.e. Yellow over turquoise = green, turquoise over pink = purple etc.

The silver canvas undercoat is stunning, it glides on with perfect coverage in one coat and has a kind of matte/ satin finish. Although it is an undercoat I do believe it will work as a stand alone polish. The metallic finish of the undercoat comes through the paints giving a pearl effect.

The Color paints work perfectly with one coat as well if you don’t wish to play with patterns and blends you can be good to go in next to no time as both layers are quick drying. I created the accent to show how each colour compliments the others and if you look closely you can see where the colours have mixed and created new shades.

I have yet to do too much playing with these but I can guarantee you I will. I have seen on more than one occasion that they are fantastic to watermarble with and I have some ideas of using them over glitter like sheer tints.

If you enjoy being creative with colours I would recommend these, maybe give the sample set a try like I did. There are only 2 Color paints not included ( a blue and a green) but it gives you the opportunity to try them. I will be replacing all minis with full size bottles as they run out.


Silver Canvas Undercoat

Primarily Yellow

Chromatic Orange

Pen & Pink

Purple Perspective

Turquoise Aesthetic


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