Colourful Lightning Bolt Nail Art

Products Used:

  • Miss Sporty – Peel Off Base
  • O.P.I – Liquid Sand – It’s Frosty Outside
  • O.P.I – Color Paints – Pen & Pink, Turquoise Aesthetic, Primarily Yellow, Chromatic Orange & Purple Perspective
  • Nail Vinyls – Lightning Bolts

I told you I was going to be playing around with the O.P.I Color Paints, well here is the first of my nail art ideas using them.

When I created the #itrustindiepolish nail art I used the Lightning nail vinyls in a different way than I had previously. Normally I paint my desired colour, place the Lightning vinyl in the centre, add another colour and remove the vinyl. This time I had already painted a gradient on the nail and wanted to add a different colour lightning strike so I had to place two vinyls to get the shape I wanted. When placing them they created a perfect point as you expect from lightning and I couldn’t believe my luck. I know someone has probably done it already but I haven’t seen it and I was so pleased with the shape.

When playing with the Color Paints the other day I loved their colours and knew they would be perfect for the design. I wanted to use a silver glitter base to experiment with undercoats.

This is a really simple and quick design that anyone can try so I have created a brief pictorial. Just a couple of points to mention, use a peel off base. I cannot stress this enough if using glitter or texture such as liquid sand, it will save you so much time when you want to change your mani. The second is I prepared myself for using a sponge to blend as you would need to with most polish (hence the skin protector in the pictorial) but you don’t need to bother, the Color Paints blend perfectly straight out of the bottle with their applicator brushes.

I hope you like this and if you do try it tag me on Instagram as I would love to see xoxo



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