Pink Pond Nail Art

Products Used:

  • Rimmel – White Hot Love
  • Dotting Tool
  • Sally Hansen – Jell-ous?
  • Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat

When I first started my Instagram account and blogging I tried every technique going. As soon as I found acrylic paints I kind of stopped trying new things and skills that other nail artists shared. Unfortunately this has meant that I lost some skills.

So I am now making a vow to try all the things I put off from water marble to stamping! I will get good at those as well as my usual detailed designs.

The first on my to do list is a Pond Mani. This has been floating round the nail art world for a while now, I am not sure who started it. I admired each bloggers versions from dots to flowers etc and always thought it was pretty. I am so glad I finally gave it a go as I love the finished product!

It is very simple to create as long as you have a sheer tint. There are a few sheer tints around but by far the most popular is the O.P.I range. I got Sally Hansen – Jell-ous? from a pound shop over a year a go but had it sitting untouched all this time. The design is created by repeating 2 easy steps, the first, randomly dot white polish onto your unpolished nail (over base coat obviously) then apply a layer of your chosen tint. Add more white dots filling in gaps from the first layer, apply another sheer tint coat. Repeat as you wish, I did the steps 4 times then applied top coat to finish. I hope you like xoxo

Polished Inka Pink Pond Mani Nail Art Polished Inka Pink Pond Mani Nail Art Polished Inka Pink Pond Mani Nail Art image


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