Rubiks Cube Nail Art

Products Used:

  • Barry M Gelly – Cotton
  • Stylishnailartbrush MAXI
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Glisten & Glow – HK Girl Top Coat

I have teamed up with the amazing @hannah_nails_it on IG to do a series of nail art designs based on old school toys! We were talking about those times when you lack motivation and decided on this theme to keep us inspired.

As I am away this week we started with an easier design for Rubik’s cube. It is so iconic with its shape and vibrant colours. Who hasn’t heard of a Rubik’s cube??

I started with a white base as I knew this design was going to be easiest to do in acrylic paint and a white base helps things pop. I started by free handing the lines between the cubes on 4 nails, leaving the feature nail blank. I think it looked pretty cool at this stage so took a pic to show you πŸ˜ƒ I am thinking I need to do a design like this in the future but with a bright colourful base and smaller squares, so watch this space…

rubiks cube nail art  barry m gelly cotton
I then filled in the squares like an unfinished Rubik’s cube. I thought about doing it complete but I personally have never completed one lol

Finally I carefully painted a small 3D view of the cube on the feature.

I am also sharing Hannah’s design for you to see, would you believe although we both agreed to do Rubik’s cube designs we did not discuss how we would actually present the idea so the similarity is because we think so alike πŸ˜† although Hannah’s signature nail art style is cute so she added the cute face xoxo

rubiks cube nail art  barry m gelly cotton rubiks cube nail art  barry m gelly cotton image



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