O.P.I Pure Lacquer Nail Apps Review

You may have noticed I have been quiet with posts this week. Well I had a lovely week away in Cornwall with my daughter and husband. As we were busy with visiting beaches etc I had little time to do my nails so I decided to try sone O.P.I Pure Nail Lacquer Nail Apps for a quick and easy mani for the week.

The packaging describes them as 100% real lacquer in a strip form! Pure Lacquer Nail Apps give you an instant manicure with base, colour and top coat all in one strip.

This description could not be more accurate, this was the quickest manicure I have ever done. The pack contains 16 pre-cut strips so you can easily find the right size to suit each of your nails. I managed to do all 10 fingers and toes by cutting some strips in half for my toes. Each one is pretty long so it doesn’t matter if your nails are long or short you can get a perfect fit.

These are so easy to apply, you literally peel off and place onto each nail. Once applied, use a file to gently remove any excess. No drying time, no need for a top or base coat, so quick and easy! The strips do dry out if left opened though, so make sure you are ready to do your mani before opening, don’t check them out then leave them on the side as they will lose their stick.

I wore these for a week, through many different situations and they were still in perfect shape. I would recommend these for those who don’t have much time to do their nails and want long lasting nail art. If you are going on holiday as I did, then these are a must have for your travel beauty bag xoxo

The design I used is app 113 Zig Zag Sparkle

o.p.i pure lacquer nail apps o.p.i pure lacquer nail apps o.p.i pure lacquer nail apps image


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