Coloristiq September Manicure Box Review

The lovely people at Coloristiq have sent me their latest manicure box to try and provide an honest review.

If you are a polish lover like myself, you love to try the latest shades and brands! Sometimes there can be so much choice it is hard to make a decision on which products to buy. This has led to several companies releasing subscription boxes filled with the latest polishes. I love this idea as it is like a little present each month filled with my favourite things.

Coloristiq launched their themed monthly manicure box in June this year. There are a couple of things about this box that make it stand out from the crowd, the first is that it is not a subscription service. You can buy each month if you like what you see or even buy as a gift for a friend who loves polish, you are not tied in to buying every month. The second and best thing I think, is each month the box will feature a British indie polish maker. This is so unique, you can purchase monthly boxes with only indie or only big name brands but mixing the two is fantastic.

Each month they aim to provide a variety of high end brands as well as polishes from British indie polish makers, with a theme that will change each month to coincide with the season, an event or a polish collection. No two months will be the same and Coloristiq promise a minimum value of £30 at full RRP for just £15.

So let’s take a look specifically at the September manicure box. The theme is Nails and the City and offers 4 polishes inspired by big cities from around the world. The polishes included are:

  • Nails Inc – The Mall
  • Essie – Fifth Avenue
  • Danglefoot Polish – Bluedapest
  • O.P.I – Worth a Pretty Penne from the Venice Collection*

* I received Worth a Pretty Penne from the Venice collection but you could receive any one of 4 shades from the set.

Overall I would recommend this box to those indecisive polish lovers like myself or those with a friend/ loved one with a polish addiction as the ideal gift. The box is beautifully presented so if you are purchasing as a gift, you don’t need to do anything but give the box and wait for the praise of a job well done. The price is very affordable and the added bonus is at least a 50% saving off retail value of the products included.

Do you see what I mean about the packaging, it made me smile when I opened the box to see this inside.

coloristiq september manicure box
Nails Inc – The Mall. A rich blue with a slight metallic finish.

coloristiq september manicure box  nails inc the mall
Essie – Fifth Avenue. A show stopping red perfect for AW2015.

coloristiq september manicure box  essie fifth avenue
Danglefoot Polish – Bluedapest. A light blue/ green polish packed with holo dust and gold flakes, super sparkly!

coloristiq september manicure box  danglefoot polish bluedapest
O.P.I – Worth a Pretty Penne – A stunning copper gold polish packed with sparkle.



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