Barry M New Midnight Gelly AW2015 Additions

Last night I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by Barry M at the London Bridge Experience.

It was a spooky themed night to introduce the latest products including 4 new midnight Gelly shades. These shades are all off black colours to fit this seasons look. As they are so deep, the colour in each one is quite hard to photograph but I did my best with some Autumn sun shots.

As always I had to add my own spin on the swatches so created a feature nail based on Big Ben at midnight. This nail was painted solely with acrylic paints and my super fine stylishnailart brush MAXI.

So let’s take a look at the bottles! This is probably the best way to see the colours as once on the nail they are hard to capture despite looking great in person. Left to right we have – Black Pistachio, Black Currant, Black Grape & Black Cherry.

Barry M Midnight Gelly AW2015
Black Pistachio – This one is really interesting as I haven’t seen many greens around in the AW releases. When the light catches this beauty, a rich emerald green bounces back. I really like it and chose it as my first to swatch to see it on the nail.

Polished Inka Barry M Midnight Gelly Black Pistachio

Black Grape – This is another unique colour for the season with inky blue tones shining through. It’s a keeper for me as I often find myself wearing blue clothes in a bid to stray from black, so this will coordinate with many of my outfits.

Polished Inka Barry M Midnight Gelly Black Grape

Black Cherry – At first glance you may think this is the same as Vengeance is Wine from the Daylight Curing range but when on the nail they are so different. This polish has more pinky tones to it and gives quite a strong burgundy finish.

Polished Inka Barry M Midnight Gelly Black Cherry

Black Currant – This was the hardest of all 4 to capture as the purple pigment is so dark the camera struggles to pick it out from the black undertones. It’s very pretty but I think maybe a matte finish would help to make the purple pop.


So overall, these colours are very pretty but you need to see them in person to really appreciate the beauty. Most went on perfect in 2 coats with the exception of Black Cherry which needed 3 to achieve opaqueness (this is not a reflection of the polish as many reds require an extra coat). They have the same quality finish as the other Gelly polishes and now come with a new wide flat applicator brush.

The Gelly range retails at Ā£3.99 and these colours are available in Superdrug now, they will be launching in Boots on the 30th September. Alternatively you can buy them online at


3 thoughts on “Barry M New Midnight Gelly AW2015 Additions

  1. thebeautyhack says:

    hiya! absolutely adore your blog and designs after I stumbled upon it! the Forrest Gump one was a personal fave! would just like to know how you get invited to such lavish events though! seems such a fab opportunity! x

    • Polished Inka says:

      Thank you so much. The Barry M event was my first and I caught their attention when I swatched some of their new polishes. I can only suggest making sure to tag/ tweet the brands you are blogging about and if they like what they see they will get in touch x

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