Barry M Limited Edition Glitter Gelly Christmas 2015

Hello πŸ˜ƒ Today I wanted to show you the new Limited Edition Barry M Glitter Gelly polishes. This is the first time Barry M have introduced glitter to the Gelly range, when I saw them I knew I had to try them!

As these are designed for the festive period it was an obvious choice to include a red, but they also threw in a gorgeous purple shade. The polishes are jam packed with pigment and glitter making them really eye catching.

Unlike most glitter polishes they are easy to remove with nail polish remover and a cotton pad, so no need for a peel off base or soaking. The glitter is very fine and gives just the right amount of sparkle. They still have the same same consistency as the other standard Gelly shades and the glitter is suspended perfectly so spreads evenly across the nail. The new releases from Barry M have all included the wide brush and these are no exception.

Both swatches are two coats of polish plus top coat. Also you may have noticed in my previous post my nails are shorter, I created these swatches before cutting my nails x

So let’s take a look at the pretties!

Sparkling Ruby

A lovely rich red with flecks of gold/silver glitter.

Barry M Limited Edition Glitter Gelly Christmas 2015 Sparkling Ruby  Review

Barry M Limited Edition Glitter Gelly Christmas 2015 Sparkling Ruby  Review
Sparkling Amethyst

Such a beautiful deep purple with silver, purple and even blue glitter.

Barry M Limited Edition Glitter Gelly Christmas 2015 Sparkling Amethyst  Review

Barry M Limited Edition Glitter Gelly Christmas 2015 Sparkling Amethyst  Review
I remembered after swatching Sparkling Ruby and removing it that I recently purchased a macro lens! But I did get a macro shot of Sparkling Amethyst, and it looks amazing under this lens!


You know me, I had to include some nail art into the swatches! I created the sparkling gemstone nails using the new shades. Here is how I did it if you wanted to try:

  1. I started with a white base to make the gems stand out. As it is a Barry M swatch I used Cotton, also from the Gelly range.
  2. I then painted a large square of the glitter polish onto a stamper. If you do not have a stamper you can use a plastic wallet or a smooth silicone surface, anything that you can paint the polish on and peel off once dry.
  3. When the polish had dried I carefully peeled off the stamper and using cuticle nippers, cut small diamond shapes out. I chose to use cuticle nippers as they have a short straight edge and are very sharp making the edges clean. You can use scissors or anything else if you want.
  4. The next step is to cut the top off the diamond half way between the middle and top to create the gemstone shape.
  5. Finally paint another layer of polish or top coat onto the nail and while still tacky position the shapes as desired.
  6. To add further detail I used white acrylic paint and a fine brush to line the shapes and dotted in the spaces between the gems. Finally add top coat to seal the design.


Overall these are the ideal glitter polishes, they sparkle and catch the light beautifully and are easy to remove, winner! These shades are a Limited Edition exclusive to Superdrug and retail at Β£3.99 each so grab them while you can and rock the festive season in style.


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