Sparkly Pumpkin Halloween Nail Art

Products Used: 

  • Revlon – Stiletto
  • Ciate – Skinny Dip
  • China Glaze – Flip Flop Fantasy
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat
  • Striping Brush

With it being October Halloween nail art is everywhere! Every time I open up Instagram and scroll through the feed every other post is a spooky creation! So I thought I would join in 👻

I had so many swatches etc to do on my nails today so I wanted to do a quick and simple design that anyone can do.

The only tools you will need are a steady hand and a striping brush.

  • I started this mani by painting all nails black using Stiletto from Revlon.
  • Using my striping brush I carefully hand painted the stripes of Skinny Dip down 3 nails. One slow and steady swipe down the nail with the striping brush should create a reasonably straight line.
  • To create the feature nail, I painted a large circle using the applicator brush from the bottle of Skinny Dip
  • Again using my striping brush dipped in black polish I painted the zig zag mouth line and the eyes.
  • Last step of the nail art was to add a little 3D detail. Using Flip Flop Fantasy and the striping brush I followed the bottom of the mouth and eyes of the pumpkin. Add top coat and you are done 🎃

I hope you like these and if you do give them a go, don’t forget to tag me, tweet me etc I would love to see 👍🏻

Sparkly Pumpkin Halloween Nail Art Sparkly Pumpkin Halloween Nail Art image image


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