True Brit London Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Hello 😀 I have another new collection to share with you. This time from a brand I only recently discovered, True Brit London. 

It was the monthly subscription box, nailbox UK that introduced me by including their black shade ‘Taxi Cab’ in the September box. As with any new brand I went straight to Instagram to find them and check out their other products, swatches etc. Checking out the True Brit  Instagram I noticed they had just launched a giveaway for their latest collection, so I had to enter 😉 Luck was on my side and I won!!! 

I received not only 8 stunning polishes but a base and top coat as well! These guys are so generous it’s one of the best giveaways I have entered! So let’s get cracking, I’m sure you are all dying to see the shades…. true brit london autumn/ winter 2015 swatches 

Country Life – This is a lovely classic red. The formula is pretty thick so this actually went on perfect in one coat, pretty rare for a red! true brit london autumn/ winter 2015 swatches country life swatch 

Stately Home – A much richer Red than Country Life, this is a lovely warm shade. Not as thick in formula but still with lots of pigment this beauty took 2 coats. true brit london autumn/ winter 2015 swatches stately home swatch 

Bulldog – I have mentioned before that I love grey polishes and this is no exception. In some lights you can see lilac tones, it’s lovely. You could get away with one coat of this one too but I used 2 just to be sure. true brit london autumn/ winter 2015 swatches bulldog swatch 

Park Lane – I love this one, the only way I can describe it is a dark teal. This swatch is also 2 coats. true brit london autumn/ winter 2015 swatches park lane swatch 

Waterloo – I love this season! Every collection has a purple, this one is pretty unique as its a dusky lilac. Perfection in 2 coats. true brit london autumn/ winter 2015 swatches waterloo swatch 

Crown Jewels – This is very similar to Orly Luxe in both colour and quality. This is perfect for Christmas and the party season. I managed to achieve a perfect finish in one coat with this one. true brit london autumn/ winter 2015 swatches crown jewels swatch 

Plum Pudding – A second purple 😍 This is so different to the other purple in the collection. It’s name is perfect as it is definitely a lovely plum shade. Opaque in 2 coats.true brit london autumn/ winter 2015 swatches plum pudding swatch 

Pall Mall – The hardest of all the shades to capture on camera! This is a rich red wine colour that once you have applied enough layers to achieve opacity can look almost black in certain lights. One to see in person as it is really nice. true brit london autumn/ winter 2015 swatches pall mall swatch 

 true brit london autumn/ winter 2015 swatches caviar base coat glossy top coat As mentioned earlier I also received the Caviar Base Coat and Glossy Top Coat. The base coat is lovely, it really helps to smooth the nail surface and provide a perfect base for the polish, it’s fast drying too. The top coat is good, very shiny but not as quick drying as I’m used to (yes I did discover that the hard way 😔)

Overall I am pleasantly surprised by this collection. The shades are definitely on trend with something for everyone. They are quite thick in formula compared to most polishes but once you get used to it they are beautiful to work with. The best thing about these polishes is the bottles!! You are not only getting polish, you are getting some pretty stunning ornaments too 😆

To check out the full range of polishes on offer from True Brit London click here 


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