October Nailbox UK 

Hello! My postman was super early this morning, delivering this months Autumn themed Nailbox!! 

As soon as I opened the box I was dazzled by stunning gold glitter catching the light, as I delved further into the goodies I couldn’t help but smile as I saw a rich burgundy and a pretty pinky flesh tone as well as some nail scissors and drying drops for a faster manicure.

nailbox.co.uk nailbox october  autumn 
The eye catching gold glitter is Summit of Style from Essie. This was first released for winter 2014 but will never go out of style. The super classy deep berry shade is Kensington High Street from Nails Inc. the final nude polish is Caramel Cupcake from Rimmel London. I think this may be my new favourite nude shade!!

As always the box includes some handy nail care essentials, Elegant Touch nail scissors. I don’t often use nail scissors but when I give myself a pedicure these will come in handy. The last goodie included is Nicole by O.P.I drying drops. Useful for those times when you are in a hurry. 

This box is such amazing value for money as the Nails Inc polish alone is £15!! That basically means everything else is free, bargain my friend, bargain!!

The colours were clearly carefully chosen and compliment each other perfectly so I couldn’t wait to get them on my nails. As I am visiting family today I wanted to create a quick and easy design showcasing the colours. 

First things first I knew I needed to do a complete glitter nail as Summit of Style is jam packed with large and small flakes of gold glitter. The best way to achieve full opacity with glitter is using a sponge. You could try applying with the brush but you would have to do so many layers your nail could be seen from space. The sponge technique is really simple, first apply a peel off base, life’s to short to remove glitter with polish remover! Next step is apply a thin layer of the glitter to the nail with the brush, don’t worry how much glitter goes on in this coat you are after the suspension base really to make the nail tacky. Leave to dry for a minute or so then take a standard sponge and brush on the glitter, you will notice the base will be absorbed by the sponge leaving you with lots of glitter to dab on to the nail. Keep dabbing the glittery sponge (topping up when needed) until you have full coverage. Add a top coat and you’re good to go 👌

Leopard print is always classy so on my middle finger i used Caramel Cupcake for my base. Then using Kensington High Street to dot the centre of the print and Barry M black nail art pen I hand drew the leopard print pattern. Framing the feature nails with Kensington High Street my mani is complete, I hope you like it xoxo

 nails inc rimmel essie leopard print nails nail art  

nails inc rimmel essie leopard print nails nail art  



8 thoughts on “October Nailbox UK 

  1. Rebecca says:

    These are gorgeous I love them!! Really like the gold glitter, but kind of glad I didn’t order this months as I have two of the Nails inc one already, oops!

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