Nubar Chromatic Collection 2015

Hello! You may remember I attended the Olympia Beauty Show earlier this month. I made several purchases at the show, some were impulse and somewhere carefully planned as a must buy for the day! The chromatic collection from Nubar was a must buy having seen it in Scratch magazine.

The set includes 5 colour changing metallic polishes along with a base coat, top coat and black polish. At first glance you may notice the polishes are thin, almost water like in consistency. This is normal as the black polish included in the set is the polishes best friend, paint the chromes over the black to make it pop.

Nubar Chromatic Collection Fall 2015 
Let’s talk about the colours, you may (like my husband) look at all 5 and think they aren’t different. 3 colours look the same to the untrained eye and 2 others also appear to match, but they are very different! Every polish in the collection is filled with colour, a change in lighting changes the colour you see. 

Nubar Chromatic Collection Fall 2015  

Nubar Chromatic Collection Fall 2015 
Chill In The Air – As you would expect from the name the overriding colour of this beauty is blue, a striking sparkling blue! As the light changes a rich purple reveals itself and is truly stunning. Sometimes I also noticed an emerald green shine through.  

Nubar Chromatic Collection Fall 2015 Chill in the air swatch 

Bonfire – I spent a long time playing with this one under lights and kept on finding colours! The dominant colours are a burnt copper tone and a pretty magenta, but I saw olive gold as well as chocolate tones in this fascinating polish. 
Nubar Chromatic Collection Fall 2015 Bonfire Swatch 
Moon Dance – Similar to Chill On The Air this polish centres around blue and purple tones. Purple is the main focus with a deep bluey purple shining through. In other lights an almost royal blue pops through. I couldn’t see many other tones as I have with the others, just subtle differences in the blue and purple. Still incredibly pretty. 

Nubar Chromatic Collection Fall 2015 Moon Dance Swatch 
Amber Spark – This one is really interesting with 3 prominent shades. The first is in the name a strong amber gold that changes to a warm chocolate brown. The other prominent colour is a lovely aubergine tone. 

Peacock Feathers – Saving the best until last! This is everything you would expect from the name. A striking emerald green is the first colour that stands out, followed by a true peacock blue and in other lights a Cadbury purple.  

I hope the images and description can give you some idea of the beauty of this range. I tried my best to get all colours captured in one image with the pinky laying at a different angle in the light as well as the bottle itself providing some variety.

Overall I cannot fault this collection. The first time I painted  Peacock Feathers on my nails, my mum and I stood in her garden switching between the sun and shade actually saying ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ as the colours changed. We must have been a sight for anyone who may have seen us 😝 

Although the formula looks thin in the bottle I achieved the perfect mani with one coat of the black base and one of the chromatic colours, no different to a normal polish taking two coats. Due to the consistency these are a little unforgiving to any ridges on the nail plate but their beauty does distract from imperfections by wowing the eye. 

Normally I would ignore the line, for best results use with the blah blah base and top coat as a ploy to get you to buy more of their product. In this case, do use their base and top coat. They come in the set anyway so you aren’t already spending more. I did try my normal top coat and it seemed to move the polish underneath pulling it away from the nail edge, this did not happen with the Poli-Cure top coat. The top coat is also daylight curing and lasts 7 days.

In the UK the collection is available from here, as the site is for professionals only registration is required before you can purchase. Xoxo


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