Halloween Cat Eye Nail Art

Products Used:

  • Illamasqua – Omen
  • Illamasqua- Rare
  • Revlon – Stiletto 
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Glisten & Glow – HK Girl Top Coat

Hello! The witching hour is fast approaching and I have a bee in my bonnet to create loads of Halloween nail art ideas.

I have seen so many designs with scary cat eyes going round and when I purchased omen and rare from Illmasqua the other day it seemed they were the perfect fit!

This is a simple design that any skill level can create so I have created a pictorial for the design too. First I will show you the finished design than I will take you through the steps to achieve this yourself. 

 Ok let’s get on with the how to…. 

  1. Apply black polish to the index, pinky and thumb. That is all you need to do with these as they remain plain for this design.
  2. Using your chosen green polish paint your middle and ring fingers.
  3. Take a sponge (cosmetic or normal washing up sponge will do) paint a yellow polish and a little green for blending purposes directly on to the sponge. Dab on to the bottom corner of the nail to create a diagonal gradient.
  4. Once dry using either black polish or paint create a curved line from the middle up to the other edge. Fill in the area above the line with black.
  5. Next paint another curve below to get the desired eye shape and fill black below.
  6. Lastly paint a small triangle or line from the top to the middle of the eye shape and add top coat.

I will be bringing you as many designs over the next couple of days so your nails will rock on Halloween πŸŽƒ 



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