O.P.I Starlight Collection 2015

Hello, hello! I have some swatches for you today from the O.P.I Christmas 2015 Starlight Collection.

The collection consists of 18 polishes  ranging from cremes, metallics, glitters and even a chunky glitter topper. I think their own statement about the collection is perfect, ‘Starlight Collection from OPI brings a constellation of colour to nails and toes for Christmas 2015’.

I was sent 8 shades as a PR sample to show you but I had already taken advantage of a QVC offer and have a further 5 for you. So that’s a massive 13 swatches to share today. So grab a cuppa, get comfy and let’s take a closer look 😉 

OPI Starlight Collection Christmas 2015  OPI Starlight Collection Christmas 2015 Center Of The You-niverse Swatch Center Of The You-niverse – This shade is not only filled with micro silver glitter giving a real sparkle but on closer inspection there are larger flakes of black. The glitter is suspended in a black base, away from direct light the two work together to give the appearance of a metallic black. While in the light the two elements come into their own and the glitter shines. 

OPI Starlight Collection Christmas 2015 No More Mr. Night Sky Swatch No More Mr. Night Sky – Just looking at the bottle you can see this polish is jam packed with super fine silver glitter. On the nail No More Mr. Night Sky is a classy gun metal grey which, when it catches the light, appears silver.  

OPI Starlight Collection Christmas 2015 Give Me Space SwatchGive Me Space – This has to be my favourite of all the starlight collection. It is a beautiful navy blue surrounding holographic glitter. I am a huge fan of holographic and teamed with blue it reminds me of a clear nights sky. 

OPI Starlight Collection Christmas 2015 Ro-man-ce On The Moon Swatch Ro-Man-ce On The Moon – Red’s are perfect for Christmas! This is one step better as it has a pearl finish which gives an air of luxury and warmth. 

OPI Starlight Collection Christmas 2015 Let Your Love Shine Swatch Let Your Love Shine – This polish has all the Christmas spirit of Ro-Man-ce on the Moon with added gold sparkle!! Just seeing these two Red’s is making me look forward to December 25th 🎄 

OPI Starlight Collection Christmas 2015 I Drive A Supernova I Drive A SuperNova – When applying this silver polish the brush strokes remain, the finished product a beautiful brushed metal effect. Would you believe it, this swatch is only one coat! 

OPI Starlight Collection Christmas 2015 Press * For Silver Swatch Press * For Silver – A really unique polish, i can only describe this as rose silver. Not as dark as a rose gold but not quite silver. Another very festive polish as I have seen many tree decorations in this shade. 

OPI Starlight Collection Christmas 2015 Is This Star Taken Is This Star Taken – More polish with holo in it, thank you OPI!! This time in the form of strips suspended in silver. As this polish dries it becomes textured so if you want a smooth finish I recommend a good topcoat. When the strips catch the light it reminds me of snowfall under the moonlight or streetlights ❄️ 

OPI Starlight Collection Christmas 2015 I'm In The Moon For Love Swatch I’m In The Moon For Love – This little number is a pearlescent aubergine with a little sparkle too. For me this didn’t stand out much in the bottle but once on and I saw it catch the light it is really classy and elegant. 

OPI Starlight Collection Christmas 2015 Super Star Status Swatch Super Star Status – The liquid sand texture has made a come back in the form of Super Star Status! It’s a little less rough than the original liquid sand but will need a thick top coat to get it smooth. The larger glitters are both silver and gold but the difference is subtle and in some lights it appears totally silver. 

OPI Starlight Collection Christmas 2015 Ce-Less-tial Is More Swatch Ce-less-tial Is More – Another textured glitter but this time combining the rose silver tones from Press * For Silver with chunky holo glitter. It’s so feminine and sparkles like a disco ball, beautiful. 
OPI Starlight Collection Christmas 2015 Two Wrongs Dont Make A Meteorite Swatch Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Meteorite – A super chunky glitter topper to add a little something to your mani. It is filled with silver & rose glitter, gun metal grey diamonds and rose shapes. Due to the size of the glitter this is best applied using a sponge, you can use the applicator brush but it is a little more tricky. 

 Love Is In My Cards – This is a luxurious rich red creme polish. Although this isn’t a gel effect it does have the same qualities with strong pigment and a fantastic shine.

Overall I love this collection it is filled with sparkle, perfect for the festive season and the parties that go along with it. There is so much choice and all have the quality O.P.I is known for.

I attempted my first Galaxy nail art for the swatches using several of the shades from the collection along with some white acrylic paint for the stars.

To get your hands on one or all of these go to www.opiuk.com xoxo 


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