Evixi Gel Polish Review

Hello πŸ˜ƒ A little something you may not know about me is I am currently training to be a gel nail technician. So many friends and family have asked me to do their nails so I wanted to train properly then I can offer extensions as well as nail art.

So when Evixi contacted me recently to try their polish it seemed like perfect timing as I am just learning about gel. I trained in beauty therapy 12 years ago (making me feel old 😝) but gel was not part of the course so it’s a new experience for me.

For those of you who haven’t tried gel yourself, it is fab! Once the nail prep is complete you can polish your nails and be getting on with your day so fast! After you applying your coats and curing, the nails are set. Unlike standard polish that takes time to dry and can still be dented for a few hours. Only downfall if you like to change your polish regularly, like me, is its a long process to remove. 

With that in mind I used my mum as the longevity test guinea pig for the gel polishes. Let’s begin with a little more info on the Evixi gel range.

They currently offer 40 different shades in a variety of finishes, all are priced at Β£9.99 each. Pretty reasonable for gel polish. As well as the polishes themselves they offer the full kit you will need in order to do a successful gel manicure (lamp, cleanser etc) 

I had my own lamp from the course so I chose a couple of colours that I felt were perfect for Christmas to try out. Carmine & Hot Chocolate. I also received a base and top coat. 

 The bottles all have fairly wide applicator brushes, depending on your preference this could be great or a little difficult. Wide brushes are growing on me as so many brands are using them in their latest releases so I didn’t mind the brush. The polishes are quite thin in consistency so I recommend trying to remove as much as possible from the brush before applying to the nail to avoid flooding the cuticle or side walls. That said both polishes were fully opaque in 2 coats. 
So the longevity test, as I mentioned I change my polish daily (sometimes more!!) so I couldn’t give the polish the test run it requires. My mum on the other hand was really keen to try these out as she rarely has time to paint her nails. My mum struggles with weak nails and she isn’t exactly delicate with her hands so standard polish chips in less than 24 hours! 

On the 23rd October I gave my mum a manicure and applied Evixi Gel Polish. She removed it a couple of days ago as she had quite a lot of regrowth and a few chips. The chips started after a week and were on her thumbs and index fingers so are not a reflection of the polish but more about her daily routine of housework etc. The ring and pinky nails were still absolutely perfect as they don’t get the knocks the others do. As I said, my mum chips standard polish almost immediately so this gel polish has done an amazing job to not chip for the first week and I am almost certain that applied on a more careful hand they will last the distance.

So here are the colours…. 

 Carmine – This is a luxurious burgundy that is perfect for winter. 

 Hot Chocolate – This matches Carmine almost exactly but with added shimmer. My middle finger has a slight starburst design using both polishes so you can see the similarity.

When you are ready to change your mani the removal process is easy. I used Elegant Touch – Nail Polish Remover and the soaking method. The polish flaked off after around 10-15 minutes and left my nails in good condition. The image below was taken straight after removal so no washing my hands or even cuticle oil applied and you can see no damage at all to my nails. 

 Overall I recommend these polishes, especially if you are on a budget and want affordable gel polish. I also created some nail art on my nails but I will share with you in a separate post.

To see the full range including kits go to the Evixi Gel site here xoxo


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