OPI Hello Kitty Collection 2016

Hi! I have a preview for you today of a future release from OPI. Those familiar with the brand will know they do many collaborative collections with well know brands, movies etc. 

Their newest collaboration due for release in January is with Sanio and the Hello Kitty character. I saw this collection on a polish site a few weeks ago and I was drawn in straight away, I knew it was something I wanted. So, imagine my surprise when a delivery man rocked up at my door with a parcel for Polished Inka. I knew it had to be polish of some form inside and could not wait to take a look. When opening the parcel I discovered not only the 6 retail shades of the Hello Kitty polishes but several Hello Kitty branded items. So far it’s the best nail mail I have ever received, thank you! 

 So a little more on the upcoming release. There are a total of 12 shades all due for release on 6th January 2016, the 6 polishes I received will be available in shops as well as online. There are a further 6 salon exclusive colours available online and in selected salons. There will also be a gift set with 5 mini polish bottles and a dotting tool available. 

The 6 retail polishes are all super pink and girly and almost work as a gradient of pink tones. A stunning glitter is also included for fans of a bit of sparkle. 

 Now on to the swatches…. 

 Let’s Be Friends – A really subtle pink that’s so pale it’s almost white. A perfect spring shade to slowly welcome the brighter weather. 

 Look At My Bow! – For me, this is a classic Kitty Pink. Almost a dusky shade but still with so much pop, I Love It! 

  Super Cute In Pink – The colour this appears in the bottle is a little deceiving. As you can see in the image it appears slightly purple but on the nails it’s a popping neon pink. 

 Spoken From the Heart – A strong coral pink that’s really unique. I am a fan of coral shades so I totally love this little beauty. 

 5 Apples Tall – OPI captured the apple red from Hello Kitty perfectly and transformed it into a polish. I have always struggled to love red polishes but this is perfection in a bottle. 

 Charmmy & Sugar – Seeing the various glitters in this polish I fully expected a textured polish similar to those in the Starlight collection, but it dried totally smooth! It’s stunning and full of variety, the tiny flakies shimmer pink and gold while the larger glitters are pink, silver and a turquoise/ blue. This can be used alone or as a topper to another polish with one thin coat.

This is the cutest, girliest collection and so pretty. A stark contrast to the autumn winter ranges and a real push ahead to the Spring/ Summer months. All of the above swatches were 2 coats but some could benefit from 3 coats or a white base, Spoken From The Heart being the main one. I used a peel off base for Charmmy & Sugar but I think you could get away with out too much of a struggle removing using a standard base coat.

As I mentioned earlier these are not available just yet but keep an eye out in January to get your hands on these beauties.



2 thoughts on “OPI Hello Kitty Collection 2016

  1. elbienails says:

    Oh wow!! How amazing to get to sample these. I’m so excited about this collection, it’s my idea of heaven!! Pink, pink, pink. Thank god I get access to the salon shades too πŸ˜† Great review, thanks for sharing x

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