Tree Frog Nail Art

Products Used:

  • China Glaze – Treble Maker
  • Models Own – Hedkandi Beach Party
  • Barry M – Cotton
  • Orange & Green Studs
  • Stylishnailart Brush MAXI
  • Glisten & Glow – HK Girl Top Coat

Hey Hey 🐸 

As I am a little out of practice painting wise I have been looking to find creative but fairly simple things to paint. During my searches I came across a tree frog and thought, why not?

I am undecided on my decision for the other nails, I think it may be a little bit bright overall but the colours matched the tree frog colours brilliantly. I am not sure if I would maybe just use a darker green if I did this again, what do you think?

Anyway, I hope you like and see you again tomorrow xoxo 

Polished Inka Tree Frog Nail Art  Polished Inka Tree Frog Nail Art  


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