O.P.I New Orleans Spring/ Summer Collection 2016

Hello everyone. 

Today I have a review of the latest collection from O.P.I. Hot on the heels of the Hello Kitty collection comes a real mixture of bold shades. 

opi new orleans collection 2016 This collection has 12 polishes in total and will be released on February 3rd 2016.  

opi new orleans collection 2016 As you can see from the above image this collection has something for everyone, wether you are a classic nude polish fan or love to make a statement, they have it covered. So let’s take a look at some swatches… 

opi new orleans collection 2016 show us your tips swatch Show Us Your Tips – This is a pretty periwinkle with a subtle shimmer. At first glance the shimmer appears silver but after applying and seeing this dance in the light I noticed it sparkles pink and blue. To achieve full opacity I painted 3 thin coats. I could have gotten away with two but the smile line was still slightly showing. 

opi new orleans collection 2016 rich girls & po-boys swatch Rich Girls & Po-Boys – This is one of my favourites from the collection. Cremes like this just scream summer and it is such a gorgeous shade 💙 

opi new orleans collection 2016 crawfishin' for a compliment swatch Crawfishin’ for a Compliment – This is an adorable peach creme polish. The perfect companion for your spring wardrobe. Perfection in 2 thin coats. 

opi new orleans collection 2016 suzi nails new orleans swatch Suzi Nails New Orleans – This popping pink is the ultimate girly accessory this spring/summer. It is stunning and really attention grabbing. 

opi new orleans collection 2016 got myself into a jam-balaya swatch Got Myself into a Jam-balaya – This is a beauty, it is almost a cross between Crawfishin’ for a Compliment and Suzi Nails New Orleans. It is a pinky peach creme. 

opi new orleans collection 2016 she's a bad muffuletta! swatch She’s a Bad Muffuletta! – This is a stunning bright red with pink undertones. As with the other cremes in the collection it was opaque in 2 coats, stunning. 

opi new orleans collection 2016 take a right on bourbon swatch Take a Right on Bourbon – Every polish collection needs a good silver! So if you are missing one, this could certainly fit the bill. It has a lovely metallic finish complete with brush strokes for added effect so paint carefully. 

opi new orleans collection 2016 let me bayou a drink swatch Let Me Bayou a Drink – This is a really pretty pearl effect pale pink. Very feminine and understated. As you might expect from such a pale shade, this swatch is 3 coats to achieve opacity. 

opi new orleans collection 2016 humidi-tea swatch Humidi-Tea – This is a slightly peachy nude shade with the added beauty of shimmer. Perfect for those wanting a stunning mani that doesn’t show off too much. 

opi new orleans collection 2016 i'm sooo swamped! swatch I’m Sooo Swamped! – In the bottle this looked like a kermit the frog kind of green, but out of the bottle it was a little darker and a dirtier green. I guess the name says it all really 😜 I am not so keen on this one but I am sure I will find a use for it in my nail art. 

opi new orleans collection 2016 spare me a french quarter? swatch Spare Me a French Quarter? – This stunning raspberry creme caught my eye as soon as I opened the box. On the nail it has not disappointed. 

 I Manicure for Beads – Those of you who have followed my blog for a while will know I am a fan or purple 💜 This purple did not disappoint, it is lovely, bold and bright.

So overall I definitely recommend this collection. The cremes are fantastic quality going on perfectly in 2 coats and really good at self levelling. They dry with a good gloss finish too like most gel effect polishes. The shimmers are subtle but I am sure in the summer sun will come into their own. The variety of colours is really good as well covering a broad range of the spring/ summer palette.

Which colour is your favourite? Xoxo


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