Tinkerbell Nail Art

Products Used:

  • Invogue – Emerald Dust
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Stylishnailart Brush MAXI 
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat

Good Evening, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I had a nail lovers nightmare, I broke a nail 😒 My pinky snapped right off so you can expect a much shorter length from me for a while.

Today’s mani was inspired by the polish. It is a brand I haven’t tried before but was included in the latest nailbox uk. It is a stunning sparkling green that actually dries matte. I painted the polish on with no plans on the art I would create, as soon as I saw it on it just screamed Tinkerbell!

So I set about painting Tinkerbells face. I also added some stars to represent her pixie dust/ magic. As I created the art I sealed with a gloss top coat so changed the look of the polish but it is stunning in gloss too xoxo 



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