Eyeliner Inspired Nail Art

Products Used:

  • Barry M – Pink Lemonade
  • Acrylic Paints
  • True Brit London – Gloss Top Coat

Hello 😃 I see nail art inspiration everywhere I look. But never before have I been inspired by eyeliner! That’s until I saw the amazing eyeliner art from an instragrammer called @glowawaymeg.

I won’t share her photo as it’s not mine to do so but seriously check her IG she has some serious talent.

I took photos at each stage of this mani as I loved them all and they could stand as a lovely design in their own right.

First I painted the black triangle down the centre of each nail.

Next I added a white base for where the swirl design wraps around the black.

Lastly I painted pastel shades blending them down the spiral.

It’s such a striking design it could work in so many different colours! In fact I may just do that very soon 😜 xoxo

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