Diabolical Nail Varnish Review

Hello All. So I was contacted a while ago by the site about reviewing their new polish collection.

In all honesty I had forgotten the site existed, I used to buy friends and family gifts from there all the time. So I was intrigued that they had stepped into the world of nail polish.

When they explained it was based on the cult film The Grand Budapest Hotel I was even more intrigued. My mind was all over the place thinking about the colours in the movie and what they might create.

The colours I received made perfect sense when I saw them. So here they are… diabolical nail varnish

Now as you know I can’t swatch without a little nail art but this one has been tricky. I knew it has to be related to the movie so I tried painting the entrance the the grand Budapest hotel and the mendl’s packaging but I wasn’t happy enough to share. So I settled for simpler based on the purple uniforms. diabolical nail varnish  dynamite in the sack swatch review

Dynamite in the Sack – So I was drawn to this one above the others as purple is my favourite colour. This is also a perfect purple, really rich and almost juicy looking. The formula is good, it’s quite thick so glides on the nail effortlessly and is almost opaque in one coat. I put on 2 coats and a top coat for the swatch and it’s diabolical nail varnish  enchanting old ruin swatch review

Enchanting Old Ruin – I love grey tones in nail polish, they are so elegant and flattering on the nail. This lives up to my grey expectations and has some lovely bluey/ green undertones that stop it being just a flat grey. Again a lovely thick and pigmented formula. The swatch is two coats plus top diabolical nail varnish  physically repulsed swatch review

Physically Repulsed – Ok so this last one is quite different from the others. In the bottle I assumed this was a standard dusky baby pink polish but as soon as I painted that first coat I knew I was wrong. It is very thin so goes on like a corrector for imperfections, like the Barry M Mani Masks. You could achieve a more solid look by first applying a white base layer but it would change the tone all together. So this one is kind of multifunctional and you can choose how it works best for you. Although fairly clear the formula is still good and thick so paints on lovely. The swatch is again 2 coats plus top coat.

Overall I really like these polishes. They are good quality and lovely colours. I think if release further collections of polish they could be a popular brand within the nail polish market. I would certainly consider gifting a friend with their polishes of the right collection where to pop up. Xoxo


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