Nail Contouring?!?

Products Used:

  • Barry M (Matte) – Caramel
  • Barry M (Sunset) – Vengeance is Wine
  • Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat

Good Afternoon my lovelies 😃

So unless you live under a rock without a make up bag you will have heard of contouring. Made famous by the likes of Kim Kardashion and makeup vlogger Nikkietutorials among others. It allows you to create the illusion of the perfect nose and chiselled cheekbones.

I myself am guilty of trying it, I say trying as I don’t always succeed and find myself looking like a skeleton most of them time! But I do love the effect when executed correctly.

Contouring is not just confined to the face, you can achieve a bustier looking cleavage or a 6 pack effect with the use of darker and lighter tones. Well it’s now moved on to the nails!

Nail contouring might seem ridiculous, I mean nails don’t get fat or need a cleavage right? Well that’s true but many strive for long nails and struggle or, for work reasons etc cannot grow them. Well nail contouring allows you to create the illusion of a longer nail with the use of polish.

You start with a light base, preferably a nude/ flesh tone but white etc can work too. Then take a darker shade and paint a line down the centre of the nail. Try to make the line reasonably wide so it grabs attention away from the lighter base colour and presents a long thin nail to the eye.

It sounds silly but it does work. What do you think, have you given it a go or would you?


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