Jack & Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Nail Art

Products Used:

  • Models Own (Hypergel) – Everyday Grey
  • NSI – HD Detailer Brush 
  • NSI (Secrets) – Paints

Well hello there, I am back with a second Halloween design for you πŸŽƒ

This time it’s one of my favourite movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas!!! Fun Fact, I actually have a tattoo of Jack on my calf. I had it done as a tribute to a dear friend who shared a mutual love for all things pumpkin king ❀️

Now, I have done this movie on my nails before, but it was 3 years ago! When I started blogging and with all the practice my design is better excecuted I think.

I got the specific idea from a phone case I saw on google with half Jack, half Sally. On the case they were surrounded by song lyrics from the movie. The lyrics would have been too difficult to paint so I opted to use the outfit fabrics.

What do you think? Any other Halloween related things you would like to see me paint this month? Xoxo


5 thoughts on “Jack & Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Nail Art

  1. Mrs Strawberry Blonde says:


    I’m currently doing the 31 days nail art challenge – well, I’m not doing it in 31 days, and not in chronological order. But I still want to complete it as a lifetime challenge. πŸ˜‰

    I can’t draw anything, so I’m stamping like a maniac. And I think the movie challenge is the one I might skip – because I can’t even do freehand mummies… and now I see this mani and I think… THIS is what I want to do (even though I’ll never be able to draw anything like it)… so yeah, this mani is gorgeous and definitely inspiring!

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