SOIGNÉ Botanique – Choux À La Crème Collection

Afternoon 😃 I wanted to share with you some polishes from SOIGNÉ Botanique. Now this is a brand I have heard of and follow on Instagram but I hadn’t tried before. So when I attended the Olympia Beauty event and discovered their stunning stand I couldn’t resist.I mean seriously props to them for the flower wall! It’s so pretty.

I went with their Autumn shades and purchased the Choux À La Crème collection. It is so beautifully presented I didn’t dare open it for a couple of days after buying!Isn’t that gorgeous, each collection has a different designed box so these would make lovely gifts for friends, family or even as a treat for yourself 😜

So let’s get to the shades themselves…Myrtille – Surprisingly this is my favourite of the collection, only surprising as purple is my favourite colour and this beauty is blue. But it’s not just any blue it’s dusky and muted almost like a well loved pair of jeans 💙

Violette – This is such a classic lilac that is soo delicate and beautiful.

– This is a a really creamy soft pink. Perfect for a classic subtle mani.

Café – This shade reminds me of a good cup of coffee with a splash of milk. Perfect compliment for your winter jumper and jeans combo.

Thé Vert – Last but by no means least is this musky olive green. At first sight I wasn’t overly keen on this one but it grew on me.

You may have noticed my little nail art. Very Kath Kidston don’t you think? I knew I needed to do flowers after seeing the flower wall so I used most of the collection to create the flowers and leaves, along with a little highlight of white acrylic paint.

All swatches are 2 coats without top coat. I normally add a top coat for extra shine but I felt these looked better without for the purpose of the search, of course I recommend a top coat to prolong wear. The formula is really good, rich in pigment and self levelling to smooth out brush strokes.

As mentioned before these are packaged so beautifully, add to that a quality polish these are a perfect gift for you or a loved one xoxo


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