Nail HQ Nail Care Range

Good Evening 😃 something a little different from nail art today, I have the Nail HQ Nail Care Range.

So let’s take a look…

First up the most important products for your manicure! 

Base Coat – I couldn’t live without a base coat! The number of polishes to have graced my nails would have probably left my natural nail looking a little worse for wear without a base to prevent staining. I have tried the Nail HQ base coat under several colours and I am pleased to report NO staining 😃 Teamed with the top coat I wore a manicure for a whole week with no chipping!

Ridge Filler – I am going to hold my hands up and admit to being pretty impatient when removing gel polish. I know it’s so wrong but I have a terrible habit of picking at it, damaging my nails in the process. So I had the perfect damaged nail to give this a run for it’s money and it did well. It did smooth out the damage making it a much better canvas for the polish. A good base coat for those with problem nails.

Gel Top Coat – I could not live without a good top coat and it can be a struggle to find a good one if you don’t know where to look. The brands I usually use aren’t always available down my high street, this one is! I have two must haves for a top coat, shine and quick drying. The Nail HQ Top Coat offers both. It isn’t quite as glass like as some top coats but it is still pretty darn good and dries very quick so you can get on with your day. As mentioned earlier I wore a manicure for a week with this top coat and no chips, this may be down to the shellac in it, I don’t know but either way it made my polish last.

Cuticle Oil – My cuticles have to be kept in tip top shape, no one wants to see a beautiful nail design framed with rough dry skin around the edges. As such cuticle oil is my best friend. It is also useful to help grow your nails, the motion of massaging oil helps increase blood flow to the matrix allowing good healthy nail to grow. A big plus with this cuticle oil is the fact that it doesn’t leave a greasy residue, once massaged in it felt lovely and soft. 

So that’s the essentials done, next I have the nail treatments. 

Protect & Repair – I have seen many treatments in my time and even used a lot of them in the quest for perfect nails but I have not seen one specifically designed to help your nails after gel or acrylic. It’s brilliant as so many of us have extensions or gel polish in the hopes of growing our nails only to have our hopes dashed when our nails are weak underneath. This is a long term treatment that is designed to be reapplied over polish so you don’t need to redo your nails daily if that isn’t your thing.

Growth – For most people I meet, longer nails is the ultimate goal! Even if you don’t want inch long nails you still want to be able to have an even length and good shape, for this to happen a little growth is required. This treatment is designed to help just that. Packed with vitamins and moisturisers it will help grow strong flexible nails.

Strengthener – The strengthener is similar to the above but designed for those who don’t change their polish too often. The instructions state to apply to natural nail and wear for 4-5 days before removing and reapplying. The ingredients are different to the growth but again offer the same end product, stronger and longer nails. So it’s up to you on which you choose.

Hardener – Until I started blogging I had such a problem with my nails splitting and it’s a nightmare. So if you too suffer from this affliction you may want to check this hardener out as it offers a hand in solving the problem. Again it is a long term treatment to be worn 4-5 days at a time but isn’t it worth it to stop splitting??

All in One – If reading the above has left your head spinning or if you are just indecisive then you may want to go with this. It covers all your bases, moisture, strength and with those comes growth. 

I wasn’t able to put the treatments to the test. I paint my nails so often and they grow so quick, I wouldn’t be able to give a true account of wether they worked or not. But the manicure essentials I did test lived up to their promises so I would say the treatments are definitely worth a shot if you have problematic nails.

The best thing about these products is they are easy to find! You can pick them up with your weekly shop from Tesco or from your sofa on For a full list of where you can find them visit their website. Oh and I have to mention the price! Less than a fiver (the standard fiver value not one of those plastic ones with a fancy serial number selling on eBay for hundreds 😂😂😂) 

Do let me know what you think if you take the plunge and try some of these treatments. I will be back soon with some new nail art 😘 xoxo

*PR Sample*


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