First things first, thank you for stopping by my blog and wanting to know more about me.

Well my name is Gemma. I am a qualified beauty therapist, nail technician in training and nail art hobbyist.

I love all things nails, particularly detailed nail art. I work with acrylic paints to create my freehand designs but I started out creating them with standard polish. Believe me that was tricky, I didn’t even use a nice detailing brush, just the polish bottle itself. When I started blogging back in 2013, I discovered acrylic paints! It had never occurred to me to use these on nails but seeing other nail artists work I realised it was the best thing to use when creating mini masterpieces 😃

So the aim of this blog is to share with you my passion. I try to offer nail art as often as I can alongside product reviews and tutorials. So hopefully this page should inspire you to be creative and inform you about the latest nail product releases.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, I won’t bite, I promise 😜

You can get in touch via the following:

Email: polishedinka@gmail.com

Instagram: @PolishedInka

Facebook: http://Facebook.com/polishedinka

Twitter: @PolishedInka

* If you represent a nail brand and would like me to test and offer a honest review for my readers, you can also reach me via the above methods.



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