Trolls Movie Nail Art

Hey, today I have for you some trolls movie nail art 💅🏻

I went to see the movie with my daughter this weekend and really enjoyed it so I had to mark the occasion with nail art, as you do 😜

I spent a while trawling through google images for the right pictures. The hair and their felt like texture make them quite tricky to paint so when I saw the individual character posters with only the top of their head I knew it was the right one. 

I did just the two main characters, Poppy and Branch as well they are the most recognisable. For the other nails I recreated the rainbow hair from another trolls movie poster. I did manage to create a video to show how I painted the rainbow hair (the trolls were just to time consuming to film and I didn’t think you would want an hour long video 😂)

The products used in this design were:

  • Angelica – Snow White 
  • Ciate London – Let it Snow (Loose Glitter
  • Acrylic Paints
  • NSI Detailer Brush HD
  • Barry M – Wet Set Top Coat
  • Barry M – Matte Top Coat
  • Crystal Nail Studs

I just noticed while typing that I had a snow theme going on with my bases ❄️

So here it is, my Trolls Movie nail artDreamworks Trolls Movie Nail Art

And here is the how to video 💅🏻

Dreamworks Trolls Movie Nail ArtDreamworks Trolls Movie Nail ArtDreamworks Trolls Movie Nail Art
Have you seen the film yet? Did you enjoy it? Xoxo


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